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2018 Wyomissing Quarry Classic


Welcome to the 2018 Wyomissing Quarry Classic!

Friday, May 11th and Saturday May 12th 2018

(Registration Deadline May 5th)

The Quarry Classic is one of the longest running tournaments in the Greater Reading area!  The tournament will feature great youth soccer with beautiful field complexes, and the opportunity to play some competitive games. 

We are anticipating another great weekend of soccer with teams coming from near and far to enjoy some soccer and a whole lot of fun!  Reading United A.C. is the administrator of the Wyomissing Quarry Classic and can answer any questions you may have about the tournament or the weekend.  Reading United continues to provide soccer services to many clubs in the area and we are happy to have them helping us again this year. 

We offer:

- Guaranteed Minimum of 3 Games

- Individual Awards for 1st and 2nd place teams

- Round robin or team pool brackets

- All games played at convenient locations

Age group brackets below:

- U13 (04) and older brackets will play 11 v 11 @ Wyomissing Quarry Fields and Cacoosing Meadows, Cost $495

-  U11 (06) & U12  (05) will be playing 9 v 9 @ Wyomissing Quarry Fields, Cost $395

- U9 (08), U10 (07) will be playing 7 v 7 @ Wyomissing Quarry Fields, Cost $395

- U8 (09) will be playing 5v5 @ Wymissing Quarry Fields and Cacoosing Meadows, Cost $195


All games will be played at Wyomissing Quarry Fields U8-U12 and Cacoosing Meadows Park U13 and up.  Field locations below

Wyomissing Quarry Fields

Intersection of Lancaster Avenue and Museum Road behind the WaWa.

Address: 724 & Museum Rd, Shillington, PA 19607

Click Here for Directions

Cacoosing Meadows Park 

Address: State Hill & Reedy Roads, Sinking Spring, PA 19608 

Click Here for Directions



This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account.

Field Maps

Please click on the link below for the field maps for this weekends tournament.  Please not that at the Quarry Complex Field A is closest to the entrance and Field B is on the far end.  Fields will be marked on location:



Quarry Classic Rules

1. Age and Eligibility

– Participation in the Wyomissing “Quarry Classic Tournament” is open to accepted teams composed of twelve (12) players for U8, fourteen (14) players for ages U9, U10, U11 & U12 eighteen (18) players are allowed on a U14 roster, or fewer players meeting the age limit of the specified division. Players must have been born during, or subsequent to, the divisional year. Players are permitted to play on only one throughout the tournament! Each team must be affiliated with the USYSA/USSF and must present a valid roster. The valid roster must be present at the field for the duration of the tournament.

An individual player may only play for one team throughout this tournament.

Any player without a valid player card will need to complete the EPYSA medical release form and bring a copy of their birth certificate at check in.

Medical Release Form

Age groups for the teams are as follows and the guidelines for age cut-off will follow USYSA policy.

•                Under 8 Boys and Girls

•                Under 9 Boys and Girls

•                Under 10 Boys and Girls

•                Under 11 Boys and Girls

•                Under 12 Boys and Girls

•                Under 13-15 Boys and Girls

3 guest players are allowed on U8 teams, 5 guest players are allowed on U9 and older teams.  Additional guest players may be permitted only after a request has been granted by the tournament director and club president. 

Players  listed as a primary  player on a select are not allowed to play as a guest player, unless they are on your league roster for the season.

2. Laws of the Games

– All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws. U.S. Soccer rules regarding the use of U.S. Soccer registered referees ONLY will be followed.

3. Duration of Games

- All games will be played with a running clock. The referee may stop the clock for serious injuries. All decisions of this nature are made by the referee on the field and are final.




 Under 14



Under 12



 Under 11



 Under 10



 Under 9



Under 8




4. Field and Game Equipment

- Players must wear numbers on the back of their uniforms and these numbers shall coincide with those listed on the team’s official tournament roster.

- Players are required to wear shin guards in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.

- The designated home team shall change to alternate uniform color if a conflict exists. Home team will have 1st half kick-off and away team will have 2nd half kick-off.

- The home team, listed first on the schedule, will supply the ball for the game.

- The away team, listed second on the schedule, will choose the side of the field to begin defending.

- Check-in time is 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start of each team’s first game. For all other games, teams must be at the field 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

- This is a patch tournament and would will need 60 patches 

5. Protests

- There will be no protests.

- The tournament is for the kids to enjoy the game, get exercise and compete.

- Learning how to win or lose graciously is a trait we want to foster at the Quarry Classic as well as a family friendly atmosphere. Our kids grow up too fast, so lets stop and enjoy both teams’ efforts.

6. Substitutions

- Unlimited substitutions may be made, with the referee’s permission

• After a goal has been scored

• At the beginning of the second half

• At a goal kick by either team

• At a throw-in by the team in possession only

-  Limited substitutions may be made, with the referee’s permission

• In case of stoppage of play for an injury (one-for-one basis for the injured player(s))

• To replace a cautioned player

• No substitutions on corner kicks will be permitted

7. Game and Score Reporting

- The Field Marshall will ensure that the game and the report forms are properly completed, a signature obtained, and the scores recorded at the end of the game.

- The Field Marshall will ensure that the scores of each game are reported to the Tournament Headquarters in a timely manner.

8. Conduct

-  Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit and the letter of the LAW. Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area.

- Players, coaches and team officials ejected from a game by the referee shall be ineligible for the next scheduled game. Players and coaches receiving yellow and/or red cards will, in addition, have the matter referred to their respective state youth soccer association.

- Teams will be assembled on the player side of the field only. NO spectators will be permitted on the players’ side of the field or behind the goal area.

-  Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited anywhere on school, borough or club property.

9. Determining Division Winners

- Each team will be awarded three (3) points for each win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss. The winning team will be awarded bonus points for a goal differential to a maximum of (3) points. Bonus points will be used as a tie-break if necessary to determine division champions.

- Certain teams will play in a 4 or 5-team round-robin format and others will play in 6 or 7-team pool play with a Finals Round. Only in Final Round games will overtime be played. All other games, which are tied at the end of regulation, will remain a tie.

- At the end of the preliminary round /round-robin play, the division winner shall be the team with the most win/tie points in their division. In the event of a tie within the division, the following criteria will determine the winner:

1.            Head to head competition (in the event of a tie among more than two teams, this criterion will be omitted)

2.            Most wins

3.            Most bonus points

4.            Least goals allowed

5.            FIFA penalty kicks

• In the event of a tie among three (3) or more teams, the elimination procedure begins with Step C. #2 above.

• The Tournament Director, acting within the parameters of these rules, will determine the teams to advance into final rounds.

10. Finals and Semi-Finals

- A Winners in each division where crossovers are dictated will advance to the championship game.

- Overtime will be played in case of a tie at the end of regulation time in the Championship game only. The winner will be determined as follows:

- Maximum of two (2) ten (10) minute “sudden-victory”, overtime periods will be played. The teams will exchange ends of the field after ten (10) minutes and a two-minute interval.

- Should the game remained tied after overtime play, FIFA penalty kicks will be taken to determine the winner. 5 rounds of penalty kicks per team will be taken first, and overall score of the 5 kicks will determine the winner. Then the 6 and more kicks will be sudden victory with each team getting a kick per round.

- Only players on the field of play at the end of the overtime period are eligible to participate in penalty kicks.

11. Failure to Show and Forfeits        

- There will be no grace period. Any team not ready to play at their scheduled starting time will forfeit that game. For U8 a minimum of 4 players, U-9-U12 a minimum of six (6) players and U-14 a minimum of seven (8) players constitutes a team and the game may be played. If teams have less than minimum players at the time of kick off a 5 minute grace period will be allowed.  After the completion of the grace period the team that is short will forfeit. 

- If a team is the cause for termination of a game, that team will be considered to have forfeited the game. A score of 1 – 0 will be recorded and three (3) points will be awarded for the win.

12. Inclement Weather

- In case of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee will have the authority and discretion to change games as follows:

• Relocate or reschedule any game(s).

• Change the duration of any game(s).

• Cancel any preliminary game(s).

• Preliminary games terminated after one-half of play because of the weather, shall be considered final.

• Refund Policy – In the event of unforeseen circumstances that would result in the cancellation of the tournament/games, Reading United will refund a portion of the application fee. The fee returned would be less the necessary fixed costs of running the tournament

• In the event that schedules need to be changed, notice will be sent via email to your designated coach or team manager.

13. General

- Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Tournament Committee, Reading United, or EPYSA be responsible for any expenses (including the Tournament entry fee) incurred by any team. This includes a situation where the Tournament or any game(s) is cancelled in whole or in part.

- The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of the rules shall be FINAL! The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to this tournament.

14. Fair Play 5/7 Rule

- Once a team gains a (5) goal lead over an opponent, they must remove a player from the field of play.

• That Removed Player cannot return to the game unless the opposing team should get within 3 goal.

• If a team would increase their lead to (7) goals (playing a man down) an additional player shall be removed from the field of play. That second player removed can be returned if the goal differential should return to a (5) goal lead.

• Tip - if your team is out playing a team, having them play 2 touches only or their weak foot only can help them improve and make the game more competitive as well.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Colin Kent Tournament Director:

Colin Kent


Phone: 803-622-6752